Carlene Westfall, MD

Addiction Medicine located in College Corner, OH

Dr. Carlene Westfall, MD


Carlene Westfall, MD, is a board-certified addiction medicine specialist providing compassionate care to patients at Unite Recovery in College Corner, Ohio. She is passionate about helping people navigate addiction challenges and is committed to providing patients with the tools and encouragement needed for successful recovery.

After receiving her Doctorate of Medicine from Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson University in Piscataway, New Jersey, she stayed in New Jersey to complete her physical medicine and rehabilitation residency at the Rutgers-JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute. She also served as academic chief resident at the institute.

She has dual board-certified in addiction medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

With over seven years of experience, Dr. Westfall utilizes evidence-based opioid and alcohol addiction treatment to relieve the suffering caused by substance use disorder. She is dedicated to promoting holistic health to reduce the likelihood of relapse.

The medical treatment of addiction is an evolving process. Dr. Westfall is motivated to continually stay abreast of new treatment options to ensure she’s providing patients the best service possible.